The Best Way To Build Muscle To Get A Body That Looks Attractive

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If your aim is to get a muscular body for good looks and style then you should not follow the exact workout principles that bodybuilders follow. Of course, you'll need to use the big lifts squats, bench press and dead lifts to put on mass, but you should be cautious with them. 

Do not allow yourself to over use these powerful mass gaining exercises. You should use those lifts to put on the ideal amount of mass on yur frame, then focus on increasing definition for your body. 
You need to focus on adding muscle in the right places as well. A typical bodybuilding workout program will instruct you to add muscle on your entire body which is a common bodybuilding practice. 
However, if your aim is to build muscle for good looks, you may not want to follow this advice, unless it'll give you the desired look you're after. It's best to avoid adding muscle in places that can ruin your look. 
If you naturally have big legs and hips then you need to be extremely careful with squats or avoid using this lift all together to add more mass in these areas. 
Some people have the idea that it's against bodybuilding principles to not use squats, but remember your aim is not to get accepted as a bodybuilder, you only want to do whatever is necessary to get a body that look good. So I'll say, if squats are not necessary for accomplishing your goal then don't use it.
Eating Right To Build Muscle For An Attractive Body
The main factor you need to be cautious about when eating to build muscle to look attractive is gaining too much fat. In order to avoid excess fat gain that can ruin the look of your physique you need to avoid overeating calories or bulking up. 
Different people will need to eat different amounts of food to build muscle according to their specific condition. Hardgainers will need to eat more than guys who can put on weight easily, but either way the key is to minimize fat gain as much as possible. 
What will happen when you gain too much fat? 
You'll end up having an undesirable amount of fat stored on your body with the muscle which can greatly reduce proper muscle definition.
When you're aiming for good looks you need to perform cardio. Cardio is important for helping you get at a low body fat percentage. 
Most bodybuilders don't do cardio when building muscle because it hinders them from getting huge quickly. For this reason most big dudes end up having loads of fat on their body. This is what you need to avoid. A lean and well-toned physique is the way to go to look stunning.
Most workouts for building muscle is based around bodybuilding principles, which will tell you to add muscle all over your body no matter how it looks. With this approach your chances of ending up with a nice looking body will be quit dismal, and it's very common to see guys take the bodybuilder approach and end up with a physique that does not look impressive. 
You can avoid this by using a workout that is designed specifically for getting a lean and toned body like male actors and male models.
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The Best Way To Build Muscle To Get A Body That Looks Attractive

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The Best Way To Build Muscle To Get A Body That Looks Attractive

This article was published on 2013/08/29